NZPAH Trust and Support Group

Supporting, educating and promoting awareness of PAH

NZPAH Support Group Meetings


Auckland Meetings:

We meet bi-monthly at Greenlane Hospital. There is a core group of PAH patients, their family members and carers who are able to join us. We normally meet on a FRIDAY as this is the PAH Clinic day. Often people from out of Auckland are able to join us after their appointment.

We try to arrange a Guest Speaker for each meeting. Some of our Guest Speakers have included:

  • Colleen Stewart (Respiratory Nurse Specialist)
  • A Respiratory Physiotherapist
  • Joyce Fennell (Respiratory Psychologist)
  • Paul van Heecheren (Invacare - Sales Manager Consumercare)
  • Christine Little (Clinical Nurse Specialist - Respiratory - Sleep Hygiene)
  • Colleen Stewart (Clinical Nurse Specialist - Right Heart Catheterisation Procedure)
  • Amanda Jonker from ProCARE - Talking on 'Put some LIFE back into your LIFE'
  • Natalie Oborne (Healthcare Field Officer - BUPA Personal Medical Alarms) - Security for yourself and being in touch.
  • Meg Goodman (Primary Health Care Nurse - Prinary Care & Integrated Services) - Advanced Care Planning

We thank all our Guest Speakers for sharing their knowledge with us and appreciate the time they spent with the group.

PLEASE NOTE: If you know of someone who would be a good Guest Speaker for our group, please 'Contact us' through the contact us page. We really would like to hear from you on this. THANKS.


Next Auckland NZPAH Support Group Meeting:

When you attend your next Clinic Day, INVITE your fellow PAH Patients to join the Support Group Meeting. Here are the details. If they can't attend, get their email address or hand them a NZPAH business card. Thanks.


If you would like to hold OR be a member wanting a Support Group Meeting:

Contact us on the 'contact us' page and give us your details:


We will be only too happy to support you on this. 






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